Mulhalls Repairs Repairing your appliances in Kilkenny And All Other Surrounding Counties.

Mulhalls Repairs Repairing your appliances in Kilkenny And All Other Surrounding Counties.

There’s never a convenient time for your appliance to break down but, if it does, we have options to suit your budget. If you aren’t covered by a guarantee or warranty, talk to us about our professional repair service.

Broken fridge? Washing machine playing up? It can be really frustrating when an appliance stops working and that’s why our highly qualified engineers are available seven days a week to help you get your house working again. For a service you can rely on, call Mulhalls Repairs Kilkenny.

Spares Available

And if you want to repair the problem yourself, we also sell a wide range of spare parts for most domestic appliances. Browse our range and you’re sure to discover the part you need to transform your old, tired washing machine into something as good as new. Or call our team of experts for advice today.

Plus, we also stock brand new appliances from leading brands, such as LG and Bosch. If you feel it’s time to replace your appliance, take a look at our collection today.

We are the appliance repair experts and our engineers have already successfully repaired kitchen appliances for more than 1 million households nationwide. Whether it is your freezer, cooker, dishwasher or washing machine that has developed a fault we will do all we can to fix it for you, fast! All our repairs are guaranteed and you can book online 24/7.


Gas Cooker and Electric Cooker Spare Parts & Repairs Kilkenny

gas cooker repairs kilkenny

gas cooker repairs kilkenny

As those who use electric cooker to cook, a few problems can inhibit your cooking power. Although taking the necessary cautions when trying to troubleshoot, maintain or repair an electric cooker is important, you will be able to diagnose most of the issues.

Here’s a review of the most common electric cookers issues: Your electric cooker will not turn on Whenever you can not turn your electric cooker on, likelihood is the appliance isn’t getting electricity.

Making sure it’s properly connected should be your first step, and if it is, you most likely have a faulty outlet. All the same, it’s possible you have a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or severed cable.



However if none of the issues mentioned above is to fault, contact Mulhalls Repairs, 1 kickham street KIlkenny, Ireland on 0892050670.

The coils do not heat up Compared to when nothing seems to work, you probably have an totally different trouble if some coils or the lights on your cooker are operating properly. If your internal ignition switch is not faulty, then it is possible the coil Is not right plugged in, as a result of which you would probably have a loose connection.

All the same, something could be stuck between the coil element and the cooker. Whenever you’re using the burner for the first time, the element used could not be the right one. Whenever the problem Is not caused by any of the above, then the burner could have been damaged, which is possible even if you can’t find any visible signs of damage.

You could have broken the burner whenever you dropped a heavy object on it or allowed for it to come into contact with something cold while it was hot. Irrespective of the cause, calling Mulhall Repairs is the best course of action.

Your electric cooker develops sparks when turned on Apart from compatibility issues, extra temperatures or weight can damage the element itself, causing dangerous sparks. On the other hand, it’s possible that your electric cooker has loose cable connections.

Regardless by which way you look at it, the problem is either instantly related to the coil or tripped by turning the element on. The indicator light will not turn on Whenever you do not have a faulty control switch, so the small lights that show when your burners are still hot or turned on in all likelihood have a burned-out bulb.

You should let a qualified technician such as Mulhalls Repairs in Kilkenny handle the replacement. You can’t adapt a burner’s temperature Whenever one of your burners gets too hot and stays the same regardless of the selected knob setting, a faulty internal ignition switch is the most expected cause.

As inconveniencing and tormenting as it might be, you need to turn the cooker off and call a professional technician at Mulhalls Repairs Kilkenny. The coils move around whenever you place something on them You will experience this issue if the tray underneath the coils Is not the correct fit.

Apart from guaranteeing food doesn’t leak into the cooker, trays help to protect the coil. It is worth noting that if the coil Is not the correct size for your burner, it might jiggly when touched.

Mulhalls Repairs Repairing your Appliances in Kilkenny & Other Nearby Counties

Electrical & Home Appliances Repairs In Kilkenny – Get A Quote Under 15 Minutes Guaranteed.

Welcome, We Are Mulhall’s Repairs, We repair electrical appliances for the home & Business & have over 18 years’ experience in repairing all makes & models of kitchen appliances from range cookers to washing machines and fridge freezers.

We At Mulhalls Repairs also stock appliances parts from leading brands, such as LG and Bosch just to name a few. If you feel it’s time to replace your appliance, take a look at our collection today.

We repair AEG, Ariston, Beko, Belling, Bosch, Britannia, Candy, Cannon, CDA, DeDietrich, Delonghi, Electrolux, Fagor, Falcon, Hoover, Hotpoint, Indesit, Leisure, LG, Miele, Neff, New World, Rangemaster, Samsung, Siemens, Smeg, Stoves, Whirlpool, Zanussi and most other home appliance brands.

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Washing machine dismantle and rebuild Bosch Classixx 1200 Express drum noise fix

We hope that this video helps someone that arrives in the same situation as us. We know this worked on our Bosch Classixx 1200 Express but it should work in general for allot of washing machines same principles apply.

Disclaimer: Always when working on any electrical item turn off at the power point and unplug from the socket. Just because its unplugged you can still get a shock so stay clear from electrical items like motors and bare cables even when unplugged. We are not knowledgeable in DIY appliance repairs so please don’t contact us for service or repair info were just having some fun repairing an appliance at home. Don’t complain to us or leave negative comment s if you mess up your appliance. You should only attempt a repair if your certain its safe, your appliance is already broken so worth nothing and you feel confident that you have a good chance of success.

We Repair 9 Out Of 10 Machines

"We are authorised service engineers/warranty repair agents for Belling, Grundig, Leisure, range master, panasonic, dimplex, stoves, LEC, Valor, Faber, Galaxy, Burco, Creda, EWT, Glen, Carmen, Goblin, Murphy Richards, New world, NOBO, Roberts Radio, Xplair & Others.

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