April 30, 2022

10 Ridiculously Easy DIY Tumble Dryer Repairs You Can Do To Save Money

Tumble dryers are a necessity for most households and it is important to keep them in good working order. In this article, you will learn how to do some easy DIY repairs that save money.  This article is all about how to save money when doing tumble dryer repairs. It provides a list of ridiculously easy DIY repairs that can help you save money. We will show you how to do these easy DIY repairs and save money while also saving time and energy!

  • Check your dryer’s plug for damage or worn insulation. You can use a voltage tester to check the wiring, or just use your common sense if it looks like something could be wrong with the plug.
  • Clean out the lint tray after every load of clothes. If there is too much lint in the lint tray, it could be blocking airflow which will lead to less efficient drying cycles and more wear on your dryer.
  • Check for any loose screws or screws that have come out of the dryer. If any are loose, tighten them back into place.
  • Check your vent for any blockages or damage and clear it if necessary.
  • Check for loose wires and fix any problems you find.
  • Clean your lint filter with a vacuum cleaner to help prevent the lint from blocking airflow .Lint builds up on the lint filter, reducing the airflow through the dryer and leading to inefficient drying cycles. Lint can also block airflow in other ways, which can lead to a variety of problems, including: no heat, a fire hazard, or even an electrical hazard.
  • If your tumble dryer is making a loud clicking sound when the drum rotates, then there may be a problem with the belt. The belt may be too loose or too tight. You can adjust the tension of the belt by loosening or tightening it using a screwdriver, wrench or pliers.
  • One of the easiest things you can do to save money when doing tumble dryer repairs is to clean out your lint trap filter every week or so. This should be done monthly if you have pets in your home.
  • Replace your dryer vent – Dryers can’t work without a vent. If it’s damaged, your dryer won’t function properly and may even start a fire.
  • Replace your lint filter – Lint filters are designed to collect the fluff from the clothes and keep it from clogging up the dryer’s exhaust. Without one, you’ll be throwing away money on new clothes every time you use your dryer.

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