Today we had a few machines in with us to fix and majority of what we tend to get in are washing machines. Some of the most common things that we find wrong with washing machines are that small items like underwear or socks tend to slip out of the drum and this can cause a number of problems for your machine.

When one of these items slips out of the drum they can fall into the pump and cause it to get blocked which can cause water to not drain away or even to flood out into the drum or your kitchen, and as we all know when we lose our washing machines it can cause a lot of troule for any size household.

This type of thing can be easy prevented as sometimes they can be a big job, depending on the make of the machine, so here’s a few tips to help prevent it from happening to you:

  • Keep an eye on the rubber seal at the drum as that is where they tend to fall through.
  • When you are putting clothes in the machine make sure that you remove small objects like hair pins or coins.
  • For the ladies be aware of the underwire in your bras cause if they are slipping out then they can cause a lot of problems for your machine.

If you keep an eye on these things then you should be doing well but if your machine still acts up then were here to do what we can, remember we offer free consultation and no call out fee so if your unsure about it then just give us a shout and we’ll be out at a time that suits you.